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Why attend SSP’s Acclaimed Wildlife Photography Learning Tours?

What happens during SSP’s Wildlife Photography tours?

What happens during SSP’s Wildlife Photography tours? Before you book your spot for your first wildlife photography tour with SSP, we want to tell you about what you should expect during these tours and why they are a great opportunity for you to learn.

Learning wildlife photography– indoor and outdoor sessions

During the wildlife photography tours conducted by SSP, Sudhir conducts both interactive classroom photography sessions and hands-on outdoor sessions (in and around the resort) for participants to have a practical approach to the learning. After attending these sessions, the participants are equipped with the knowledge of basic and advanced concepts of photography and are ready to start applying them in the field.

Learning wildlife photography in the field during the safari

Equipped with the conceptual knowledge of photography during the sessions conducted earlier, implementing them practically in the field comes next. During the wildlife safari, Sudhir personally guides you with the camera settings and composition based on the challenges faced in the field. Additionally, there are assignments to help you understand the concept of pre-visualization. All that effort that it takes to help you make great images!

Photography competition – Learn by becoming the judge!

This is a flagship feature of SSP’s wildlife photography tours. Each participant submits 2-3 images shot during the tour. You are then taken through the entire process of judging an image, where you learn the key parameters (around 6-8 of them) used to evaluate an image. These wildlife images are then rated on each of these parameters on a scale of 1-10. By the time you finish evaluating around 25-30 images, you will have automatically become an expert on what it takes to judge an image. This will set the foundation for you to participate in any competition henceforth, fully armed with the knowledge of what the judges expect. This feature has been well appreciated by the participants during these tours.

Relax and have fun too

We know that photography is an extremely serious business for us. But ‘all work and no play’ is not a motto that we like to follow at SSP. We always appreciate the importance of some good old-fashioned fun and some great food. We encourage participants to share, interact and know each other during the meals – breakfast, just before the safari, would be a great place to start. Usually, the last night of the workshop is celebrations galore - an official party night where we match the steps with the local tribal folk (wherever applicable) over a celebratory dinner. So, what do we celebrate? Good times, great food, awesome friends. And of course, photography