Whenever I have found myself stuck in the ways I relate to things,

I return to nature.
It is my principal teacher,
and I try to open my whole being to what it has to say

– Wynn Bullock.

Is the monotony getting to your workforce? Looking to ignite that spark? Let nature invigorate your most important resource – your people. And let photography inspire them to broaden their perspective.
We know only too well the pressures of today’s corporate workforce. And we know exactly how we can help. Photography – a stress buster like no other. Nature – the greatest teacher of all. Combined to give an unbeatable wilderness experience that relaxes, rejuvenates and revs you up to take on greater challenges.
As someone who has negotiated the corporate jungle and the real one with equal ease, Sudhir finds himself in the unique position to lead such activities.
To help you decide what sort of experience you’d like to put together for your employees, we have come up with the following three activities. We are, however, open to tailoring each of them to your specific requirement.


wilderness experience that relaxes, rejuvenates and revs up your employees to take on greater challenges.
To build awareness about our natural resources and wildlife.
To treat nature with respect and dignity.
To take fierce pride in our planet’s biodiversity.
To thank the earth back via efforts to protect and conserve nature/wildlife.
To strive to tread softly on this earth – focus on eco-friendly choices.
To practise ethical aspects of wildlife photography.
Examples from the wild and connect back to our day-today corporate life and work.


18 years of corporate experience and hence we exactly know what the employees need.
Unique blend of indoor-outdoor activities.
A perfect mix of theoretical and hands-on sessions.
Well-designed group and individual exercises.
Powerful tools of self-expression – photography and blogging.
Experiential learning.


Wild encounters – the safari experience.
Nature nurture – a peek into the natural world – introduction to tree/bird/animal species.
Photo op – photography as a form of self-expression.
Blog on – pen down experiences, encounters, emotions.
Fun games – to foster team-building.
A chance to have photos and blogs featured on www.sudhirshivaramphotography.com and possibly in print magazines too.
Certificate of participation – a keepsake of all the fun had!

Motivational Talks

Accumulated stress, over time, has detrimental effects on your employees’ productivity levels as also personal growth. It’s a good idea, every once in a while, to infuse new energy, a fresh perspective and clarity of purpose to help them regain their mojo.
Being the fount of energy that he is, with the uncanny ability to multitask and an unwavering sense of purpose, Sudhir is perfectly poised to address and engage your teams. Drawing upon his nearly two decades of corporate exposure, closely intertwined with his trysts in the wild, Sudhir will recount from personal experience how he trumped his trials and tribulations to pursue his passion and live his dream.
His anecdotes and imagery borrow heavily from the wild, but the message he drives home is all too relevant to today’s corporate setting.
At the end of an invigorating session, the audience is bound to leave with but one thought – “When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses, you WILL find a way.”

Photography Workshops

The humdrum of daily existence gets to the best of us. Hobbies are a sure-fire way to escape from the routine; to rediscover our passions and what makes us tick. They are also proven to enhance productivity levels in working professionals. Speaking of hobbies, photography is one that sits pretty at the convergence of art and technology. It appeals, in equal measure, to the left-brain dominant geek to the artistically inclined dreamer.
And as far as photography teachers go, there are few as experienced and as passionate as Sudhir. In his breezy style, Sudhir introduces the seemingly countless camera settings, breaks down complex concepts to manageable chunks of information and elaborates on compositional aspects. All this, with a hands-on approach and without overwhelming the students with jargon.
Encourage your employees to embrace a new hobby. Photography may well be the outlet they have always needed to air out their stress, channel their creativity and refocus on what’s important. Focus, after all, is at the heart of photography!

Outdoor Nature Camps

Career success depends as much on the ability to function in and as a team, as it does on individual competence. Corporate entities, therefore, lay a great deal of emphasis on team-building exercises to foster this camaraderie. The customary team outing is a great way for employees to step away from the everyday rat race and do something refreshingly different.
We have taken this all-important activity and put our spin on it. Away from the urban sprawl, we craft immersive experiences centred around photography.
Nature trails, bird watching, jungle safaris, treks – we’ve thrown them all into the mix and tied them with photography as the central theme. Interactive games, group activities, competitions – the usual suspects in any team-building exercise – will all revolve around photography. Our nature camps are the perfect way to lap up the great outdoors while picking up some really cool shooting tips and tricks; in an atmosphere that stresses on team work and encourages bonding. To quote William Wordsworth:
“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher”

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