Photography workshops in India

Why Attend SSP’s Masterclass - Photography Workshops

What happens in the SSP Photography Workshops?

If you are a beginner in photography, have just bought your camera and are trying to figure out how best to use it, then look no further! We have our acclaimed photography workshops which we conduct during the weekends across different cities in India.

These photography workshops are a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions for learning photography as well as post-processing.

What happens during the indoor (classroom) sessions?

During the indoor sessions, we take you through the basic 4 pillars of photography covering the following topics

  • The importance of the subject knowledge or natural history
  • The fundamental concepts of photography which involve the basic camera related settings like White Balance, Exposure triangle parameters of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, metering concepts of Spot Meter, Evaluative/Matrix/Segment metering along with exposure compensation, Auto focusing modes, Advanced Auto focusing points and, finally, all the important aspects of composition.
  • Your equipment and the various shooting techniques.
  • All about colour management and post processing.

We also have practical hands-on sessions during these classroom-based photography workshops to get a good understanding of the concepts.

What happens during outdoor sessions?

Once we go through the various theoretical concepts, we have the field outing the next morning. Here, the students are given various assignments to reinforce the fundamental concepts learnt during the previous day of the photography workshop. Generally, we choose open areas like parks and other picturesque locations for these field sessions.

Post Processing Session

Finally, in the latter half of day 2, we have the classroom-based post processing session. Here, we learn about all the important aspects of colour management and complete the workflow to get that wow factor in your image.

After the Photography Workshop

We know that your pursuit of knowledge in photography will end with this photography workshop. Hence, the SSP Community is your gateway to continued learning and interaction, apart from being the ideal platform to showcase your best images. In addition to image review and critique by Sudhir and his team, you also gain access to the perfect peer group interaction to grow as photographer. Theme-based assignments, live webinars to interact with Sudhir, healthy discussions, candid feedback, equipment reviews and resale are the other perks of being a part of this community.