If we want our children to:

Soar like Eagles,
Reach for the stars,
Bloom like flowers,
Transform like butterflies,

Let’s take them outside where those things happen…

“For in the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”
– Baba Dioum

This thought moved us so much that we had to act on it. And we realised that the last line melded beautifully with our philosophy – “for the love of learning.” We then rethought our most popular photography tours and redesigned them to be kid-centric. These specially curated tours, in the lap of nature, are a great way to engage, enthuse and empower kids toward the conservation cause.
With a focus on experiential learning, we have planned the activities to ensure a mix of indoor-outdoor, theoretical-hands-on, group-individual exercises. Children will be encouraged to discover newer dimensions and facets to their abilities and personalities. The jungle will act as the perfect backdrop as they pick up the rudiments of photography, look up the right words for their blogs and along the way make new friends and merry memories.
These early experiences will stay with our children to make them more sensitive and responsible while sparking their interest in nature and wildlife conservation. The photography and blogging angle to these tours will further excite them and in the process, give them powerful tools for self-expression. And who knows, present a very attractive career option in the years to come!


To build awareness about our natural resources and wildlife.
To treat nature with respect and dignity.
To take fierce pride in our planet’s biodiversity.
To thank the earth back via efforts to protect and conserve nature/wildlife.
To strive to tread softly on this earth – focus on eco-friendly choices.
To practise ethical aspects of wildlife photography.


Experiential learning.
Unique blend of indoor-outdoor activities.
A perfect mix of theoretical and hands-on sessions.
Well-designed group and individual exercises.
Powerful tools of self-expression – photography and blogging.


Wild encounters – the safari experience.
Nature nurture – a peek into the natural world – introduction to tree/bird/animal species.
Photo op – photography as a form of self-expression.
Blog on – pen down experiences, encounters, emotions.
Fun games – to foster team-building.
A chance to have photos and blogs featured on www.sudhirshivaramphotography.com and possibly in print magazines too.
Certificate of participation – a keepsake of all the fun had!

Experiential Learning for School Kids

Educationists today increasingly propound the concept of experiential learning, steeped in experiences that transcend books and classrooms. Those that take children out in the open and allow their creativity to take centre stage; introduce new thoughts, ideas and perspectives; constantly challenge them and open new vistas of learning through doing. We, at SSP, recognise and acknowledge this need to offer well-rounded holistic learning experiences to children during their formative years.

1. Photography Workshops at Schools
Research has established that pursuing a hobby has beneficial effects on a person’s mental well being; more so in children. Photography learning can prove to be a great form of creative outlet for your students. Give them the chance to explore this avenue with our photography workshops at your school. In the two-day workshop, we will introduce this fascinating art along with the science behind it to engage your students and help them discover if photography excites them.

2. Awareness on Conservation / Wildlife for Kids
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”
Goes a popular saying. So, shouldn’t we strive to leave behind the place in a better condition than when we borrowed it? The best way to do that would be to educate our children on conservation issues. Stress to them the importance of sustainable living. Create awareness about and foster a love for our wildlife and their habitat. We aim to do just that in our Awareness Programme. We weave the conservation message within interactive games, activities and presentations. In a way that long after the day ends, the children continue to reflect on the experience and the lessons imbibed.

3. Nature Camps for Kids
Our Nature Camps for school children take the mandatory school excursion to the next level. Far removed from the concrete chaos, children get to immerse completely in nature’s bounty. At these fun outings, we gently coax the young minds to soak in their surroundings and look at the less-known aspects of our living world.

Through thoughtfully designed activities, we allow expression of their creativity and imagination in the form of blogs, poetry and sketches. Photography teaching is an integral part of these camps. Apart from being an exciting hobby, photography is a powerful medium of expression. Arming children with these tools can go a long way in sparking their interest toward conservation causes. Further shaping our future generations to become more aware, caring and compassionate of our natural world.
The dates and destinations for these camps and workshops can be customised per your requirement. If you would like to facilitate such novel, offbeat experiences for your children, we would love to partner with you. Please fill out the details in the “Contact SSP” box, and we will get back to you.

The video below will give you a fair idea on what the kids experience in our tours:

Our Accommodations

Training - How it happens

Kids Creative Sessions

Parents and Kids' Workshops

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
Charles R. Swindoll
There’s nothing children cherish more, than the time spent with parents. We, at SSP, strive to make these wonderful times even more special. Amid lush green environs; with a slew of activities thrown in for good measure.
Feel the crisp air against your face as you ride into the jungle during safaris. Trudge slowly on the nature trail alongside your little ones. Watch in awe, as they pick up photography concepts faster than you can say “camera.” Laud them as they show you their photographs, blogs, sketches.
The experience will leave you refreshed and asking for more. The memories you make, stashed away carefully for a long, long time to come. Gift your children experiences. Gift them everlasting memories. For it is not your presents, but your presence, that they will value the most.
Ready to have an amazing time with your children? Then, do get in touch. Just fill out the “Contact SSP” box, and we will do the rest.

Workshops for Teenagers

The pre-teen and teen years is the time when children start to crave a certain independence. It is also the time when they think more deeply about what interests and excites them.
Our Workshops for Teenagers are targeted at this age group of 12 to 16-year-olds. To experience a sense of freedom, albeit responsibly. With a whole array of activities that incorporate many life lessons as well.
We tailor these experiences to be exciting, without being overwhelming. Fun, with the right dose of learning. Wild, but with utmost regard to safety.
In these workshops, the young participants get more than just a glimpse into the world of wildlife photography. A host of other indoor-outdoor activities makes this the perfect trip to discover their talent, hone their aptitude and shape their attitude.
We hand-hold your children as they take their first steps away from the familiar, to explore the uncharted. However, we also appreciate your excitement, as parents, to watch your young ones foray into the wild. We therefore welcome you to join in too, with your children’s approval, of course!
If you would like to gift your child (and yourselves) one such novel experience, do talk to us. You may fill out the “Contact SSP” box, and we will reach out to you at the earliest.