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    4 Full day safaris at Tadoba Tiger Reserve with Wildlife Photography Guru Sudhir Shivaram! An opportunity not to be missed.

    3 easy instalment payment option available if paid via NEFT / Bank Transfer. Please contact on [email protected] for details.

    Tadoba Tiger Reserve: Unveiling the Essence of the Wild Through a Photographer’s Lens

    Nestled in the heart of India, Tadoba Tiger Reserve stands as a pristine canvas for wildlife photographers, offering a vivid palette of nature’s finest creations. From the moment you set foot in this enchanting forest, your lens becomes your storyteller, your witness to the wild’s untamed beauty.

    Tadoba is renowned for its thriving tiger population, making it a prime destination for photographers seeking to capture the majestic big cat in its natural habitat. The elusive tigers of Tadoba roam freely, providing ample opportunities for thrilling sightings and capturing those awe-inspiring moments.

    But Tadoba isn’t solely about tigers. It’s a sanctuary teeming with diverse wildlife, each awaiting its turn in the spotlight. From the graceful Indian leopards to the robust Indian bison, the charismatic sloth bear to the elegant Indian gaurs, Tadoba’s residents offer a smorgasbord of subjects for your lens.

    To enhance your wildlife photography experience at Tadoba, renowned wildlife photography guru Sudhir Shivaram joins you on this journey. With his invaluable expertise and guidance, you’ll learn the nuances of capturing the perfect shot, from mastering composition and lighting to understanding animal behavior.

    Why do this photography learning tour with SSP?

    • On field guidance from Sudhir as a part of the 4 full day safaris to help you get the best images.
    • On field review of images and feedback.
    • Get the best drivers and guides/naturalists trained to position the vehicles from a photographers point of view.
    • Helping you create photography competition winning images.
    • We choose the best season to maximise the photography opportunities.
    • Whatsapp group of the participants will be formed 1 month prior to the workshop dates so that your learning starts much in advance and you are well prepared for the tour.

    Who should attend this tour?

    • Quite simply, this tour is for anyone who wants to be an awesome wildlife photographer.
    • You can be a rank beginner or have some experience wielding the camera, either way, SSP’s photography learning tour is bound to enhance your skill and knowledge.
    • This is the ideal tour if you are looking to move to next level in wildlife photography, as we get 4 full days inside the park to make the best use of the opportunities available.

    What can you expect from this tour?

    • Practical on-field learning from Sudhir.
    • Understand the various challenges of wildlife/bird photography and learn how to arrive at the correct camera setting for a particular situation.
    • Understanding the advanced focusing features of different AF area modes, AF cases (in Canon) and learning when to use what.
    • Pre-visualising your images in the field and how to arrive at the camera setting for that.
    • Discussions back in the camp as well to ensure all doubts are cleared for your next field session.
    • At the end of this tour, gain enough practice and confidence to put your camera to optimal use – with respect to basic and certain advanced camera settings.
    • Move away from taking images to making images.

    Beyond Learning

    While we are extremely serious about our photography, we never play down the importance of some good old-fashioned fun. And great food. Dinnertime is our designated “huddle time” where we share safari stories that continue well past bedtime. Last night of the workshop is official party night where we mingle with each other over a celebratory dinner. So, what do we celebrate? Good times, great food, awesome friends. And of course, photography!!


    Nagpur is the nearest airport which is 3 hrs away from the resort.


    Book any flight on day 1 of the workshop so that you arrive at the resort by noon.


    We will coordinate with you for your pickup/drop from/to airport/rly station. We generally do car pooling of participants arriving at around same time.


    2 camera bodies. For wide angle shots, you will need a 16-35mm and 70-200mm range lens. Then you an have the 100-400 or the 200-500/150-600/200-600 zoom lens and finally you can get the 400/500/600/800mm biggies.


    5 nights/6 days @ Tathastu Resort, Tadoba.


    Check-in: Anytime on day1 of the workshop and Check-out on last day after breakfast and final photography session.


    Total 4 full day safaris from 5:15am to 6:45pm. 3-4 photographers per vehicle.


    Max temp: 40°C and Min temp: 25°C


    The key species we can sight during the workshop are Tigers, Leopards, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Wild Pig, Nilgai, Sloth Bear and other common bird species.


    The recommended Camera gear, Bean Bags, Binoculars, Hat, Sunglasses, Essential medicines


    Here’s a complete overview of what happens in the Tadoba FULL DAY SAFARIS workshop.

    1. Photography learning in the field during the 4 full day safaris:

    We will be in the wildlife safaris from 5:30am to 6:30pm as a part of the 4 full day safaris maximising the opportunities for some amazing images. During the full day safari Sudhir will guide you with the camera settings and composition based on the challenges in the field. He will also give you few assignments to help you understand the concept of pre-visualization.


    2. Fun Times:

    While we are extremely serious about our photography, we never play down the importance of some good old-fashioned fun and some great food. Breakfast during the safaris is a great time to share, interact and know each other. Last night of the workshop is official party night where we mingle with each other over a celebratory dinner. So, what do we celebrate? Good times, great food, awesome friends. And of course, photography!!


    Before the Workshop
    We will ask you for:

    • some basic information about your equipment
    • your photos/portfolio
    • your expectations from the workshop

    Whatsapp group of the participants will be formed 1 month prior to the workshop dates so that your learning starts much in advance and you are well prepared for the tour. Communicating your expectations beforehand will ensure that Sudhir addresses them during individual interactions with you.

    During the Workshop

    • Sudhir will demonstrate the best way to approach and shoot the subjects and give deeper insights on their behavioural aspects.
    • He will introduce the advanced custom function settings of your camera. A firm understanding of these settings will be your first step toward shooting like a pro.
    • In the park, he will continually guide you based on the field conditions and subjects.
    • Knowledge sharing and image review will continue through the evenings as Sudhir interacts with you with focused inputs to reinforce the day’s learning.
    • You will have assignments to complete, giving you ample scope to assimilate and apply all that you have learnt.

    Wildlife Photography Learning:

    As a part of the workshop, the 4 important pillars of photography – Subject Knowledge, Fundamental concepts of photography, Shooting Techniques / Understanding your equipment and Post processing will be covered.

    The below topics from the advanced fundamentals of photography will be covered and you will learn how to apply these concepts in Wildlife photography.

    – Importance of Subject Knowledge and understanding natural history
    – The key to getting right colours – Use of White Balance
    – In-depth understanding of Manual exposure (ISO, shutter speeds, Aperture)
    – Understanding exposure – the 18% grey concept
    – Diving deep into Metering modes (evaluative / matrix / Multi, spot metering)
    – Exploring the AF points (both DSLR and Mirrorless)
    – Exploring the advanced AF points for subject tracking
    – Understanding the advanced menu options for auto focusing (for both DSLR and Mirrorless)
    – Depth of field

    – Motion (freezing, blurring and panning)
    – When to use what: Aperture priority, shutter priority or Manual
    – Shooting techniques
    – Accessories in wildlife photography

    Topics of Composition (framing):
    – Understanding light
    – Rule of 1/3
    – Vertical vs Horizontal
    – Angle of shooting
    – Avoiding Distractions
    – Getting complementary foreground/background
    – Catchlight and head turn

    Creative Photography:
    – Backlit / rim lighting image creation
    – Capturing Behaviour
    – Extreme Close-up
    – Eye Level
    – High / Low key images
    – Foreground OOF Images
    – Portraits vs Habitat
    – Using Reflections
    – Complementary background
    – Signature Shots
    – Story Telling

    During the course of the workshop, you will be taken through the fundamentals of image processing and the following topics will be covered (Processing using Lightroom and ACR / Photoshop will be covered):

    – Fundamentals of colour management.
    – Lightroom essentials: The Library and Develop modules of LR
    – Importing and metadata of images into LR
    – Key wording
    – Filtering images
    – RAW processing workflow covering advanced tools of LR
    – Exporting images

    During the Field Outing:
    During the field outing, your mentor Sudhir Shivaram will help you make memorable images. Inputs provided on the field will enable you make the most of the opportunity.


    The actual day-today itinerary may vary depending on the flow of the workshop. All updates will be regularly communicated at the venue via the Whatsapp group formed.

    Day 1:

    • Arrive and check in to Tathastu’s The Tiger Village Resort by 12 noon.
    • Post lunch, in the afternoon, Sudhir will take you through the workshop schedule for the next 6 days.
    • Interact with your mentor Sudhir, as he primes you with some basic concepts of photography and also helps you understand about the expectations of the workshop. This will set you up for the ensuing safaris, where you will delve deeper into the core principles, tips, and tricks of photography.
    • Evening coffee / Tea with snacks followed by a presentation on composition.
    • Dinner and lights off.

    Day 2/3/4/5:

    • Wakeup call at 4am and we leave at 4:45am for the safari.
    • We carry packed breakfast and have it in the field
    • Sudhir will be with the first Jeep till lunch time and will be hand holding them with all tips and tricks of wildlife photography as per topics mentioned in Structure tab.
    • We will have hot lunch inside the park (will be delivered by the resort)
    • Post lunch Jeep 2 folks will accompany Sudhir. For Day 3 Jeep 3 and 4 folks will be joining Sudhir and the same will repeat for days 4 and 5.
    • Evening we return for the resort at 6:35pm, take rest and meet for a photography session to summarise the learnings of day and to review the images.
    • Dinner and lights off.

    Day 6:

    • Wake up at easy, meet for breakfast and have a follow-up final session to conclude the workshop and checkout for our destinations.



    Tathastu Tadoba – The Tiger Village at the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is currently operational with 16 Luxury Cottages and the Restaurant.

    The resort shall have a total inventory of 16 Luxury Cottages, 16 Machaan’s, 02 Family Nests & 01 Family Suite. The Cottages have a bedroom and a living room opening out to a private garden nestled among thick Bamboo plantations. The resort is also equipped with a Restaurant serving buffet and a la carte meals, a Multipurpose Hall, a state of the art SPA, Swimming Pool, a Karoke Room and a Library & Documentary Room. The Activity Centre has Table Tennis, a Pool Table, Air Hockey, Fuss Ball and a Cards Table. Cycling and nature trails are synonymous with the adventures few besides the thrilling Jungle Safaris. The resort is less than a km from Moharli Gate and there are 5 more safari zones within 5 km distance. Nagpur is the nearest airport (3 hrs / 140 km).

    Nestled at the Moharali Gate of the renowned Tadoba Tiger Reserve, the newly unveiled Tathastu Tadoba resort promises an enchanting fusion of wildlife and opulence. This is just 1min 39 secs from the Moharali gate. The resort takes great pride in offering guests exhilarating wildlife safaris guided by experienced naturalists. Explore the heart of Tadoba Tiger Reserve in specially equipped vehicles, and witness the untamed beauty of this pristine wilderness. Apart from tiger sightings, you can expect to encounter a plethora of other fascinating wildlife, including leopards, sloth bears, gaur, and an assortment of avian species.


    Workshop Cost:
    INR 1,37,500/- (plus 5% GST) – For Double Occupancy
    INR 1,57,000/- (plus 5% GST) – For Single Occupancy
    – All costs are ex-Tadoba. However, at an added cost, we can arrange for transportation.
    – Accommodation and all meals for 5 Nights / 6 Days stay at Tathastu Resort, Tadoba.
    – 4 Full day safaris (3-4 participants per vehicle), Gypsy charges, forest entry fee/guide charges.

    – Any other expenses outside of the above will have to be borne by the participants.
    – Does not include laundry charges.
    – Tip amount for driver and guides.
    – Camera charges as prescribed by forest department.


    Terms and Cancellation Policy:
    INR 50,000 is non refundable once the payment is done.
    Additional INR 35,000 is no refundable once the safari permits are done.
    75% of the remaining amount will be refunded if cancellation is done 45 days prior to the workshop start dates.
    No refund if cancellation is done between 0-45 days of the event.
    Payment Terms:
    Full amount to be paid 30 days prior to the workshop starting date.
    Please note:The date of written (email) communication of intent to cancel is the date considered for calculation of the cancellation fees.


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