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Photography classes from Sudhir Shivaram Online Photography Classes from Sudhir Shivaram
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Online photography courses

From Sudhir Shivaram.

Take the next step towards becoming a better photographer. If you already learn photography online from the tips & tutorials shared by Sudhir on Facebook & YouTube, you might want to take your learning to the next level by subscribing to his best-selling online photography classes.

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Our photography courses, based on Sudhir’s 25+ years of field and teaching experience, are designed to help photographers across skill levels. Here’s what the courses offer:


Easy to Understand

Explanation in simple language for easy understanding.


Practical Field tips

Understand concepts practically by experimenting in the field under Sudhir’s guidance


Value for Money

1-year subscription period - unlimited access from any device anywhere and interaction with Sudhir


Relevant for all genres of photography

Concepts taught are applicable for all types of photography like nature, street, people etc


Learn using your existing equipment

Suitable for learning using any equipment that you currently have


Suitable for amateurs and experts

Appropriate for any skill level

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Photography Tours

The glorious outdoors!! Apart from the online photography classes, we also bring to you our signature photography learning tours, where we have bundled the best of wildlife destinations and world-class photography teaching. Pursue your penchant for travel and passion for photography with these carefully curated tours.

Get up, close and personal with nature and wildlife as you pick up the finer nuances of photography. These tours perfectly complement the photography classes that we offer on our portal.

Photography Workshops

The bedrock in your pursuit of photography excellence. Our photography workshop, along with our online photography classes, is designed to teach all you need to get a firm grip on the basics of photography. Typically spread over two days, the first day is dedicated to imparting the core principles.

These lessons are further reinforced during a short field trip on day two. You can opt for the post processing workshop on day two, to further complete the picture – literally!!


Our photography tours and workshops, based on Sudhir’s 25+ years of field and teaching experience, are designed to help photographers across skill levels.


Practical Learning

Indoor and outdoor learning - classroom sessions along with field outings and safaris


On-field Guidance

On-field guidance and image review - get instant feedback


Camera Settings

Focussed inputs on correct camera settings - learn to play around with lighting


Post Processing

Learn post processing - option for detailed post processing session for workshop participants.


Photography Competitions

Photography competition - put your learning to test (for photography tour participants)


Holistic Approach

An overall holistic learning experience.

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Sudhir Shivaram Photography is the result of Sudhir's nearly two decades of corporate experience, more than two decades of serious photography and an irrepressible love for teaching.

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Sudhir Shivaram Photography is a platform for photography enthusiasts, beginners and serious hobbyists alike, to take their photography skill several notches higher.

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