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    Kabini Photo Gallery

    From catwalks to catnaps, Kabini is the place for all things “cats” – stripes, spots, simply black. Catch them sashay unhurriedly. Watch them slip into a sated siesta. And just when things start to get catty, shift your gaze to the elephant herd graze and amble by. There’s never a dull moment here, in Kabini…join your photography mentor Sudhir Shivaram to explore Kabini Cats.

    While Kabini plays the perfect host for your tryst with the tiger, it also serves up delectable doses of the tiger’s more lithe and agile cousins – the leopard (and the Black Panther). These otherwise elusive cats have a habit of regularly regaling wildlife buffs at Kabini – the leopard being the leitmotif with cameo appearances by the panther. However, no description of this spectacular South Indian habitat is complete without mention of the gentle giants – the elephants. Acutely aware of your presence, yet perfectly unperturbed, these pachyderms are the epitome of strength, grace and dignity.

    Kabini is an excellent time to go for the dodgy big cats anytime of the year.

    Why do the Kabini photography learning tour with SSP?

    • On field guidance from Sudhir during the field outing to help you get the best images.
    • On field review of images and feedback.
    • Get the best drivers and guides/naturalists trained to position the vehicles from a photographers point of view.
    • Healthy photography competition among participants where you will be the judge. You will learn the parameters used to judge images and will understand what it takes to participate in a real world competition.
    • We choose the best season to maximise the photography opportunities.
    • Whatsapp group of the participants will be formed 1 month prior to the workshop dates so that your learning starts much in advance and you are well prepared for the tour.

    Who should attend this tour?

    • Quite simply, this tour is for anyone who wants to be an awesome wildlife photographer.
    • You can be a rank beginner or have some experience wielding the camera, either way, SSP’s photography learning tour is bound to enhance your skill and knowledge.
    • This is the ideal tour if you are looking to move to next level in wildlife photography.

    What can you expect from this tour?

    • Practical on-field learning from Sudhir.
    • Understand the various challenges of wildlife photography and learn how to arrive at the correct camera setting for a particular situation.
    • Understanding the advanced focusing features of different AF area modes, AF cases (in Canon) and learning when to use what.
    • Pre-visualising your images in the field and how to arrive at the camera setting for that.
    • Discussions back in the camp as well to ensure all doubts are cleared for your next field session.
    • At the end of this tour, gain enough practice and confidence to put your camera to optimal use with respect to basic and certain advanced camera settings.
    • Move away from taking images to making images.

    Beyond Learning

    Nothing gets in the way of our photography learning/teaching. Until it’s time for lunch, that is. And dinner. And breakfast. During which time, nothing comes between us and the food. As for the fun part, when we do what we love, fun just happens. Just as polite hellos turn to boisterous fist bumps; quiet handshakes turn to backslapping bear hugs; acquaintances become friends for life… 


    Bangalore Airport is the nearest at 5.5-hour drive. Bangalore railway station 4.5-hour drive and Mysore railway station 1.5-hour drive.


    Reach Bangalore latest by by 7:30 am on day 1 of workshop or previous day and book any flight after 7pm on last day of the workshop.


    We will coordinate with you for your pickup/drop from/to airport/rly station. We generally do car pooling of participants arriving at around same time.


    We recommend to carry 2 camera bodies along with a combination of a zoom lens like the 70-200 or the 100-400. The second body can have a tele lens like the 500mm/600mm/800mm. The 150-600 range is also an excellent lens for a single body. Get in touch with us as we can help you rent the equipment.


    3 nights / 4 days @ The Kabini River Lodge by Jungle Lodges and Resorts


    Check-in: Post 12 noon on day 1 of the workshop and checkout after the morning safari on last day of the workshop by around 11am.


    Total 6 safaris. Morning safari from 6:00am to 9:15am and evening safari from 4pm to 6:30pm. Safari timings are subject to change as per forest depart decision.


    Max temp: 30°C and Min temp: 25°C.


    The key species we target during the workshop are Leopard, Tiger, Elephant, Black Panther (hopefully), Spotted deer, Sambar Deer, Wild Dogs and bird species.


    The recommended Camera gear, Binoculars, Hat, Sunglasses, Essential medicines


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