Learn Photography Basics

Learn Photography Basics

Learn Photography Basics

learn photography from the best

At Sudhir Shivaram Photography we will help you learn photography right from the fundamental concepts to the advanced aspects including the art of post-processing.

Getting your photography basics right is the first step. Let us look at the approach taken by Sudhir to help you learn photography as a part of his weekend photography workshops conducted across different cities in India.

To become a better photographer, you need to master what Sudhir describes as the 4 important pillars of photography. This method of learning photography has been derived from his rich 25+ years of experience. So, what are those photography basics? Let’s see.

photography basics by Sudhir Shivaram
  • Understanding your subject / animal behavioral aspects (for wildlife photography)

As a part of the first pillar, Sudhir helps you understand the importance of learning about your subject to get better images. This is one of the most important things to know to improve your skill of taking photographs.

  • Understanding the core fundamental aspects of photography

This module is divided into 2 parts to help you learn photography in a systematic way to strengthen your knowledge of the photography basics.

We first go through the core concepts of:

  1. White Balance – what it is and how it impacts the image.
  2. Exposure triangle parameters (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed).
  3. Advanced concepts of metering along with exposure compensation.
  4. All about auto-focusing modes and points.

The next part deals with the aspects of composition where we discuss about:

  1. Rule of thirds, placement of the subject within the frame
  2. Different types of lighting available
  3. How to choose a complementary background to get a better impact on the image.
  4. How to avoid distractions in the image.
  5. How to choose the correct shooting angle.
  6. The concept of head turn and eye contact.
  7. Horizontal vs vertical composition and which one to choose when.

We also have practical hands-on learning for all the above topics on photography basics to help you build a strong foundation.

learn photography
  • Understanding your equipment and learning the shooting techniques.

While you learn photography during Sudhir’s workshops, he also ensures that you get a good understanding of the equipment that you use and the important features and settings of that specific model of the camera. Apart from that, he also teaches about the various shooting techniques to get those ultra-sharp images.

  • All about post-processing.

In the 4th and the final pillar of photography Sudhir takes you through the complete workflow right from copying your images onto your computer and how you select / shortlist them for processing to the various basic and advanced steps of post-processing.

Learn photography basics

Field outing as a part of the weekend workshop:

As a part of these workshops, Sudhir takes the participants for hands-on practical sessions to outdoor locations where the students are given assignments. This way, they can experiment with all the concepts learned in the classroom sessions earlier.

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By attending Sudhir’s weekend workshops and learning all the 4 pillars of photography, we guarantee that you knowledge about the photography basics will improve. That, along with Sudhir’s lucid style of teaching, can easily make you learn photography at your own pace even beyond the workshop.