Reuben Canagaratnam

I wanted to thank you for making photography somewhat easier. I have subscribed to your tutorials and I find them very easy to learn and understand. Being very busy with work, they allow me to learn at my own pace.


What you are doing for the photography community is really commendable and I applaud your dedication and passion; I enjoy your live sessions and photo tips. I often do not have the time to watch you live due to time difference and work commitment, but I make it a point to catch up with all your videos. If I may suggest, perhaps you can export all your video chats into your site for the subscribers to access from one platform, so they all can be in one place. Also, I want to give you some feedback and I am sure many may be in my plight too. I travel quite a bit for work and i’d like to be able to download your tutorial videos to my iPad so I can continue to follow along offline. Most of the time, I will have downtime during flight and airports and it will be good to learn during that time.


Recently I took a trip to Africa and I used some of the learning from your tutorials, and came back with some amazing shots. I was very proud of my improvements in knowledge and technique. I am still far away from being great but I am determined to learn slowly but surely.


Continue your great work and thanks for being a mentor for so many.


Dr Sudhir Hasamnis

My friends were little skeptical in the beginning about learning photography through on-line video tutorials. This concept was really new to our country. Though I was doing photography for last 2 years, the learning was through observations and on-field experiments. At times I was worried that why my pictures are not sharp.


Once I enrolled for these on-line tutorials, I started going systematically through each module by module. I used to keep my camera in hand and playing with each learning. I went through these tutorials many times.  I understood the importance White Balance and how to use it based on the situation.


After that I learnt about the technical detailing about stop value, using ISO, 18% Grey, Depth of Field, metering and focusing. Understanding of the exposure triangle – ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed and their relationship with each other, helped me to take good pictures. Most important learning was composition. How to compose the on field situation, understanding the behaviour of the subject and giving importance to the subject in the frame. This was further helped by ‘Back-button-focusing’!  My focus has now shifted from ‘taking an image’ to ‘making an image’.


In my recent visit to Tanzania, I could apply these learnings, including pre-visualizing the situation on the field and I was very happy with the outcome.


I highly recommend photographers and amateurs who want to enhance their photography skills to go through these high-quality video tutorials. Another advantage is that you can watch these tutorials at your convenience and many times till you get satisfied. The yearly subscription is really good idea and these tutorials are available for you for full year once you subscribe.  


Pavithrakumar P Ankad

Nevertheless your extensive knowledge sharing with excellent photographic skills has proven you to be the one of the best photographer and a mentor. Now your latest initiative on your learning portal has laid an undoubtedly a wonderful platform for all those budding/pro photographers to learn and to take their interest to their next level.

Not to restrict just for photographers, we see nature lovers and hobbyists are too admiring your pictures. This would just not only yield the interest in others to show their interest towards nature and wildlife, also creates awareness and responsibilities in them.

Your video tutorials are really worth watching, contents of the videos are very determining and simple for even those who are very new to photography.

For me … few concepts you have explained in the tutorials were very new and is helping me to try it out on the field. Thanks for sharing. Wish to see more work in coming days. Wish you have a great success. All the best.


Pranav More

My name is Pranav More and I am a banker by profession. Honestly speaking, I was completely lost before getting registered with your tutorials. Even-though there are countless videos available on youtube, one can reach nowhere using them as there is no proper structure in them.


Your video tutorials contains all the crux of photography with every small details which may not be available on other sources, but are extremely necessary especially for any rookie. These tutorials are rich in quality, content and learning methodology. There are no other tutorials wherein you can get information on how to decide what to buy and then how to use it, its a one-stop shop.


Content contains every topic required to set up a foundation. All the given topics goes in a perfect hierarchy which makes it comfortable and easy to learn. The simplicity in your language and way of explanation is like a cherry on top. The best part is that you can enjoy and learn the classroom quality course at your own very pace. It is very vital because in today’s corporate world there are times when you hardly get time to feed yourself, in between learning an entirely new or unrelated thing is out of question.


I have seen a lot of improvement in myself, which makes me feel confident and realize the fact that I am not going ahead blindfolded. Learning photography can be a very costly matter, your tutorials gives an ample opportunity for amateurs to begin with and to become capable enough to climb themselves up the ladder of photography.


I would simply conclude with the fact that your tutorials are not less than any treasure for photography enthusiasts who wants a serious head start.


Wesam Al Saka

I find Mr. Sudhir’s photography tutorials extremely helpful and intuitive. He is not only a talented photographer; he is a good teacher who is capable of simplifying complex concepts in photography.


Even an amateur wildlife photographer like me can hugely benefit from his tremendous experience and powerful ideas. I was able to fill some conceptual gaps related to some crucial concepts including the proper use of exposure compensation and how this relates to the metering system.


The best investment in photography that I have ever made.


Vipin Kumar

As a photographer who is passionate about learning the Art & Science of Photography, Sudhir’s Video tutorial has truly helped me get off to a great start. Sudhir is a true professional who loves photography and sharing his knowledge with others.  An excellent teacher who explains things simply and clearly, offering examples of what is being explained.


I learned more watching these videos than I did on a hands-on photography course and feel so much more confident in using manual settings and the aesthetic aspects of Photography. I can’t recommend his Video Course highly enough – and such great value for money! Thank you Sudhir!


Kshitij Deshpande

I have become the user of the videos of Sudhir Shivram Sir since April 2016. I being an aspiring Wildlife Photographer have learned a lot about the photography and its most important terminologies used in cameras. I would be thanking him for providing support and knowledge in such an easiest way for a beginners like me.


I have learned a lot from the video tutorials and my basics relating to the use of technology has enhanced. I have started using the setting more on Aperture Priority mode and has started implemented it in my photography which in turn has improved my skills to better side. Thanking you for bringing the classes at so comfort. I have learned relating to use of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed to my bring out better images than before.


Siddharth Bhatnagar

I subscribed to Sudhir’s video tutorials after watching his video posts on Facebook and, I must say, I have been most impressed. Sudhir’s style is informal and it is almost as if the viewer has a face to face interaction.


The concepts in digital photography which, frankly, I could never understand were so cogently explained that it seemed very easy. Sudhir has dealt with exposure triangle, white balance etc by giving photo examples from the field, not just a lecture from a studio.


Apart from this, he has dealt with equipment, composition and many other aspects. I would warmly recommend any photographer of any level to subscribe to these video tutorials. It will surely improve your photography and change your whole approach to taking pictures.


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