Overview of Key Camera Settings

To get started with your photography, all you need to understand is to get a good hold on the key camera settings which is displayed when you press the info button.

In this chapter we will go through each of the parameters and help you understand what it is all about and how each parameter will affect your image.

Duration : 2h 20m 37s

The Nikon D500 – Nikon’s flagship APS-C camera. If you own a Nikon D500, then this is the course for you. We cover all the key aspects to help you get started with using the Nikon D500 like a professional.

The below topics are covered as a part of this online photography course:

lesson 1 – introduction to the course
lesson 2 – exploring the nikon d500
lesson 3 – diopter adjustment tips
lesson 4 – overview of key camera settings
lesson 5 – choosing the correct white balance
lesson 6 – practical – using white balance in field
lesson 7 – choosing the right picture control
lesson 8 – practical – using the picture control
lesson 9 – what is active d-lighting
lesson 10 – camera burst rate and release mode
lesson 11 – image area record option
lesson 12 – setting the right image quality
lesson 13 – understanding d500 camera metering
lesson 14 – practical – using the right metering option
lesson 15 – understanding camera auto focusing modes
lesson 16 – using the right focusing points and af-area mode
lesson 17 – practical – using the right af mode and focusing points
lesson 18 – understanding different shooting modes – p,m,a,s
lesson 19 – practical – using the right shooting mode
lesson 20 – d500 conclusion

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