Camera And Lens Buying Guide

Camera And Lens Buying Guide

4 Lessons | Duration : 2hour 12min

About this course
For your DSLR photography with so many types of camera and lens available, it is always a tough choice to choose the best DSLR for beginners. If you want to learn photography and want to choose between Sony, Canon or Nikon, then this tutorial will help you decide that as we explain the different types of camera available based on your area of interest.

Choosing a specific camera depends on the genre of photography. There is no one camera or lens which fits for all. Every camera has certain set of features and choosing a camera depends on which camera features are important for you based on the genre of photography.

In this course we will explore all those factors and help you choose the right camera and lens for you.

Who should take this course
If you are a beginner in photography and planning to purchase or upgrade your equipment but not sure what to look for in a camera or lens based on your genre of photography, then this is the right course for you.

What you’ll learn
Once you finish this course you will have a good understanding of the below points:

  • What is the difference between a full frame camera and a crop sensor camera and when to choose what.
  • You will know the various genres of photography so that you are aware what features to look for in a camera.
  • You will also understand the various key features of the camera and its importance.
  • You will finally get an idea on what kind of camera to choose based on the features for different genera of photography like Wildlife, Bird, Sports, Wedding, Events, Street, Travel, Landscape, Portrait, Macro, Product and Candid photography.
  • We will then explore the various kind of lenses available in the market and the key features associated with it.
  • One of the important aspects in choosing a lens is to know the sharpness and contrast of the lens. You will learn about the MTF chart and how to read it to identify the sharpness and contrast o a lens.
  • We finally look at the various lens option for different genre of photography.