Get Blurred Out of Focus Background


Get Blurred Out of Focus Background

Get Blurred Out of Focus Background

7 Lessons | Duration : 1hour 9min

About the Course
As a beginner in photography we are always fascinated by images which has a nice out of focus blurred background which makes the image stand out. We call that as bokeh (in Japanese it means blur).

It’s not the camera which plays a role in creating those kind of images, but 4 other important factors of Focal length of the lens, camera to subject distance, aperture of the lens being used and finally subject to background distance.

In this course we will explore how all these factors affect the final outcome and what you need to do.

Who should take this course
The common question from a lot of beginners is how to get a nice out of focus blurred background to the images and make the subject stand out.

This course is targeted at users who wants to know how to create those images. You could be a beginner, an amateur or even an advanced photographer.

If you have a lens of focal length anything above 35mm, then this course is for you to create those kind of images. We will take you through the fundamental aspects and the technical concepts to help you understand what it takes to get those images.

We would highly recommend that you have your camera with you as you go through this course as it teaches you practically the concepts and you are welcome to experiment along with Sudhir.

What you’ll learn
Once you finish this course, you will have a strong understanding of the below aspects:

  • What is the meaning of Depth of field.
  • Once you complete this course, you will understand the factors affecting depth of field, and how each of those factors have an impact on creating that nice blurred out of focus background.
  • You should be able to achieve the results with whatever equipment you have since we cover the various focal length right from 16mm all the way to 840mm. It does not matter what camera body you have for this experiment.
  • You will understand the importance of having a good complementary background and how the subject to camera distance matters for creating these blurred out of focus background.
  • The key thing you will learn is that you don’t need high end long tele lens to make these images.