Exploring the Nikon D750

This course takes you through all the various buttons / functions on the various sides of the camera and help you understand it’s features. It covers the following views and explains each of the buttons and its function in detail. You need to have the camera in hand to explore this chapter.

1. top view

2. front left view

3. front right view

4. back view

No matter what camera you buy, it is always confusing and cumbersome to go through the camera manual to understand what each of the buttons on the camera does and what it is used for. This particular photography tutorial will break it down into simple and easy to understand chapters and helps you master it in no time.

Make sure to keep your Nikon camera handy when you go through this tutorial.

Duration : 3h 32m 32s

This online photography course will introduce you to the Nikon full frame DSLR camera and take you through all the various  buttons, menu options, camera specifications and features and finally help you configure the camera to get the best out of it.

It does not matter what genre you are into, this online photography course will guide you step by step and help you explore the Nikon D750.

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