Basic and Advanced Fundamentals of Photography


Basic and Advanced Fundamentals of Photography

Basic and Advanced Fundamentals of Photography

10 Lessons | Duration : 4hour 33min

About this course
This photography course deals with the 3 key pillars of photography to help you become a better photographer. The 4th pillar is covered as a separate course.

1. Subject Knowledge
2. Fundamental Concepts of Photography including White Balance, Exposure Triangle, Metering and Focusing along with the art of composition.
3. Knowing your Equipment and Shooting Techniques.
4. Basics of Post Processing (covered as a separate course)
The Basics and advanced fundamentals of photography takes you through each basic concepts of photography and slowly helps you explore some of the advanced concepts.

This course is a complete hands on course and we highly recommend that you have your camera handy and go through it and experiment all the settings practically.

This particular course is not limited to wildlife photography but can be applied to any genre of photography since we deal with the core concepts of photography and nothing specific to wildlife.

Who should take this course
If you want to be a better photographer and move away from taking images to making images, then this online photography course is for you.
This particular course is highly recommend for any photographer to make their foundation in photography strong. This course should be the starting point of your photography learning.

What you’ll learn
Once you go through this course and try out all the learning hands on using your camera, you can be confident in the below aspects of photography:

  • Subject knowledge is the most important aspect outside of your equipment to become a better photographer and you will know it’s value.
  • You will have a strong practical hold on the basics of photography such as White Balance, Stop Value, Exposure triangle parameters of Aperture / Shutter Speed / ISO, The theory of reciprocity, metering, exposure compensation and everything related to auto focusing and AF points.
  • Apart from that you will learn the key aspects of composition and what it takes to making those pleasing images.
  • You will also know the various shooting techniques to get that steady sharp images.
  • You will learn when to use a tripod, monopod, panning pod or for that matter how to shoot hand held from a long tele lens.
  • You will understand the concept of pre-visualization and how to predict your shots based on the subject knowledge.