Dr Padmalakshmi J

I have been with Sudhir on many Photo tours. As a Woman traveller, I find Sudhir’s Photo tours extremely safe and professional. The stay is very comfortable. The drivers and guides that cater to our safari tours are very knowledgable and know the forests and its animals well. The drivers and Guides are chosen by Sudhir personally to ensure the best experience to his tour participants. The Tours are well organised and adhere to all the norms of the wildlife tours. All care is taken to ensure that the participants respect the forests and the animals.


During the tour, Sudhir provides a one on one mentoring to the participants in his Vehicle. This mentoring is very valuable and has helped me in improving my skills. There are knowledge sharing sessions that are held post the morning and evening sessions, where Sudhir takes us through concepts in photography and critiques the pictures taken by us during the tour. I have been with Sudhir on the Bhandavgarh and Ranthambore tours on many occasions and the learning has been immense.


Thanks Sudhir, for being such a wonderful mentor! Looking forward to many more tours with you!