1. Introduction – Your Complete Guide to Wildlife Photography

“If you are a beginner in wildlife photography and not sure where to start, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

In this introductory chapter, we will take you through all that you topics that you will cover as a part of this tutorial. This video is also ideal for any beginner in photography and does not require any prior knowledge of wildlife or wildlife photography.”

Duration : 7h 51m 31s

Sudhir has distilled his 23+ years of experience shooting in the wild in this single most comprehensive guide for wildlife photography.

Through this tutorial, he has striven to cover every tiny detail pertaining to this genre of photography.

At the outset, he introduces the topic of wildlife photography and goes on to talk about the ideal equipment for wildlife photography.

There are several chapters dedicated to highlighting some of the best wildlife destinations in India and the opportunities present there to sight and shoot wildlife.

Sudhir places a lot of importance on subject knowledge in photography, more so wildlife photography. He has covered this subject in great detail and has talked about understanding animal behaviour and how to make use of this knowledge to get superlative shots. He emphasizes how subject knowledge can help with pre visualization – another vital concept in wildlife photography. Again, he drives home the point with numerous real-life examples.

Sudhir has dedicated several videos to illustrate the various challenges one may encounter while shooting during a safari and the ways in which to overcome these challenges. He also talks about the numerous accessories that help during safaris, some techniques and workarounds for shooting with long tele lens and many other tips and tricks to make the most of your safari experience.

Then there is also a whole set of videos where Sudhir has picked specific actions by the subjects and explained how to capture those flawlessly. In parallel these videos also deal with core technical aspects including shutter speed, focussing modes, auto focussing points in different cameras and so on. Composition is another topic he has dealt with in great depth.

He then covers the topics of post processing which is an integral part of digital photography and takes you through the various steps he follows to get back that life in the images.

Apart from the core photography aspects, Sudhir has covered numerous other topics including the ethical aspects of wildlife photography; equipment care and safety and healthcare during safaris; post processing and more.

Finally he has a few chapters which are dedicated to real life examples from the field.

In a nutshell, this is the one course you need to sign up for if you are an aspiring wildlife photographer or for that matter even a fairly seasoned one, for there is so much to learn here for everyone.

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