Beginners Guide to Canon 1200D

About this course
The Canon 1200D is the entry level camera perfect for any beginners who wants to explore this fascinating world of photography. The body combined with the 18-55 and the 55-250mm kit lens suitable for a long of genres of photography and will be your perfect companion.

In this course – Beginners Guide to Canon 1200D, I will take you through the complete process of helping you understand your camera and guide you through all the steps in arriving at the best possible setting to make some awesome images.

I will teach you the fundamental concepts of photography and how to set those parameters in your Canon 1200D.

Who should take this course
This course is anyone using the Canon 1200D or it’s equivalent model and wants to start shooting great images.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the various camera settings needed for a specific kind of image.

What you’ll learn
This course combines the basic operations of the Canon 1200D and the fundamentals of photography to help you become a better photographer. Once you complete this course you will:

  • Know what settings to choose in the various menu options.
  • Have a good understanding of setting the white balance, choosing the right exposure triangle parameters and the complex part of camera metering.
  • You will also go through the various focusing modes and focusing points and how to set it in this camera.
  • Finally you will learn some practical field tips of using this camera.
₹ 1000

This course includes

Duration: 1hour 15min
13 Lessons
1 year unlimited access
Access on mobile and Tablet