All About Back Button Focusing

About this course
Back Button Focusing or popularly known as BBF is a mechanism where you disable the shutter release button for auto focusing and assign the dedicated button at the back of the camera for auto focusing.
In DSLR’s it has a multiple major advantages for ease of operation and in this course I will be explaining each of them.

We will start with understanding about the concept of auto focusing and the issues with the normal way of the camera operation and finally look into the advantages of BBF.

We will also look at how to configure BBF for mid range and high end camera bodies.

Who should take this course
If you are a wildlife photographer or an action sports photographer who would like to explore the BBF then this is definitely the right course for you.

It does not matter what camera you have, BBF can be configured on any camera and this course will help you all the way from the basics to help you become comfortable with BBF.

What you’ll learn
Once you go through this course you will have a good understanding of the below aspects:

  • What is BBF and how does it work.
  • You will get a good understanding on how the camera achieves auto focus.
  • You will know the drawbacks of the normal shutter release button focusing system and the BBF helps you over come those issues.
  • Depending on the camera brand and model you have, you will lean how to configure BBF on your setup and start using it confidently.
₹ 1000

This course includes

Duration: 37min
10 Lessons
1 year unlimited access
Access on mobile and Tablet