Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

Mount: Sony E-mount
Format: APS-C
On APS-C: 27–202.5mm
Min Focus Distance: 0.45 m (1.48 ft)
Image Stabilisation: Optical SteadyShot™
Weight: 325 g
Year of Release: 2018

MTF Chart

MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) describes how well a lens can reproduce fine details, measured as the degree of contrast achieved between finely spaced lines.

[1] Contrast (%) [2] Distance from optical centre of lens (mm) [3] At 18 mm [4] At 135 mm [5] Spatial frequency [6] 10 line pairs/mm [7] 30 line pairs/mm [8] Max. aperture [9] F8 aperture [10] R: Radial values T: Tangential values

Genre Recommendation

Landscape Photography
Wildlife Photography
Birds Photography
Macro / Close-up Photography
Street Photography
Wedding / Events Photography
Sports Photography
Food / Product Photography
People / Portrait Photography
Travel Photography


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