Nikon D850

Sensor: 45.7 MP Full Frame
AF Points: 53 focus points, of which 55 or 15 are available for selection
FPS: 9 fps
ISO: ISO 64 to 25600 (expands to ISO 32-102400)
Focus Sensitivity: –4 to +20 EV
Video: 4K
Year of Release: July 2017


Nikon D780

Sensor: 24.5 MP Full Frame
AF Points: 51 points (15 cross type)
FPS: 12 fps
ISO: ISO 100 to 51200 (L: ISO 50 H:ISO 204800)
Focus Sensitivity: Not Available
Video: 4K
Year of Release: Jan 2020


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Sensor: 30.4 MP Full Frame
AF Points: Maximum 61 points (Cross-type AF point: Maximum 41 points)
FPS: 7.0 fps
ISO: ISO 100 – ISO 32 000(L:ISO 50 H1:51200 H2: 102400)
Focus Sensitivity: EV -3 – 18
Video: 4K
Year of Release: Aug 2016


Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Sensor: 26.2 MP Full Frame
AF Points: 45 point all cross-type AF
FPS: 6.5fps
ISO: ISO 100 – 40000 (expandable to 102400)
Focus Sensitivity: EV -3 to 18
Video: Full HD
Year of Release: June 2017


Canon EOS-1DX Mark III

Sensor: 20.1 MP Full Frame
AF Points: OVF: 191 points maximum (Cross-type AF points: 155 points maximum) / Live View: Maximum 3869 selectable AF point positions / Up to 525 AF areas (Auto selection)
FPS: OVF: Up to 16fps Live View: Up to 20fps
ISO: ISO 100-102,400, with expansion to ISO 50– 819,200
Focus Sensitivity: Not available
Video: 5.5/4K 60p video
Year of Release: Jan 2020


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