Views of the jungle from cubs behind the lens

A photo album showcasing photography from the kids of our Parents & Kids workshops.

Photography and wildlife have always had a close relationship. Capturing the wild on camera is a surreal experience, that teaches us empathy on a multitude of levels. A simple photograph of a crow, a deer, or a leopard, makes us think and connect with the thousands of other species we share the planet with. I have always believed that photography is key to conservation, and it’s also most effective when introduced at an early age.

With this idea in my mind, we at SSP started taking parents & kids photography workshops, to help them access their skills and interests as early as possible. Before the workshop starts, we email parents and inquire about their child’s general interests and experience with photography, so we can interact with them on a personal level during the trip. These basic photography workshops tie in a conversation about conservation with young minds. On these trips, we look at photography as more than a hobby, and use it as a tool to help the children express themselves through art.

When given a comfortable space for their imaginations to run wild, children capture images from perspectives that even we can’t imagine sometimes. That’s why, we feel so proud displaying their masterpieces on our website.




Bhargava K

Tejas K



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