Punit Singh

Punit Singh is an avid photography enthusiast and has been clicking for about 15 years. Punit had love for photography since early age and was always fascinated by cameras.

It was in 2005 when Punit bought his first DSLR and got serious about the hobby. Soon after that, Punit with his friends started photo walks and photography road trips in and around Pune. Through different forums and websites Punit started to learn more about photography.

In the absence of any other forum and feeling a need to learn more and share the passion with other people, Punit founded Pune Photography Enthusiasts Club on Facebook and started to organize photo walks in Pune. He still manages the group part time which has over 26K members.

Punit and Sudhir met in Bangalore about 10 years ago during a photo walk. Sudhir back then had just started his photography equipment rental business and Punit became one of the early adopters of the service. Punit is honored to be part of Sudhir’s SSP affiliate program to help make quality photography learning material available to photography enthusiasts in need.

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Images clicked by Punit Singh



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