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Sudhir Shivaram’s WEBINAR
The most challenging part in photography is to achieve auto focus for fast moving subjects and to focus in low light situation.

Saturday 10th Oct 2020, 9pm to 11pm IST

What will I learn / Topics of the webinar?
Please do see the TOPICS tab for a detailed information on what you can expect from the webinar.

How can I register?
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Do I have to go somewhere to participate in it?
No. You can participate it from anywhere! All you need is a Computer/Laptop/Phone with internet connection and Zoom installed.

How do I attend the Webinar?
We will send registration link to all the registered participants. The webinar will happen using Zoom.

Topics :
1. How does camera achieve Auto Focusing
2. Different types of AF sensors (Non Cross Type, Cross Type, Dual Cross Type)
3. The below AF points will be discussed:

Sony:AF options of wide, zone, centre, flexible spot, expand flexible point.

Canon:Single point AF, AF point expansion, Zone AF, Large Zone AF, Automatic selection

Nikon:auto-area AF, single-point AF, dynamic-area AF, Grp focusing and 3D-tracking

4. Application of the above concepts for birds in flight, action photography, low light photography, sports and anything related to moving subjects.

5. Basics of post processing
Your digital photography is incomplete without a good understanding on the basics of post processing. In this session Sudhir will take you through the basic workflow which he follows to get that amazing finishing of his photos.

Webinar Cost:

Date & Time:
Saturday 10th Oct, 2020
9:00 to 11:00 pm IST

Refund policy

If you are not able to attend the webinar, you are welcome to appoint someone in your place to attend the webinar. Or, we can give this as a credit note to be used against our online photography courses.

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