While Kabini plays the perfect host for your tryst with the tiger, it also serves up delectable doses of the tiger’s more lithe and agile cousins – the leopard and panther. These otherwise elusive cats have a habit of regularly regaling wildlife buffs at Kabini – the leopard being the leitmotif with cameo appearances by the panther. However, no description of this spectacular South Indian habitat is complete without mention of the gentle giants – the elephants. Acutely aware of your presence, yet perfectly unperturbed, these pachyderms are the epitome of strength, grace, and dignity.

To sum it up, Kabini’s lush environs are profusely rich in subjects giving you plentiful opportunity to experiment with a variety of angles, settings, and shots.



> Bangalore Airport
5.5-hour drive
> Bangalore Rly Stn
4.5-hour drive
> Mysore Rly Stn
1.5-hour drive

Flight Timings

Reach Bangalore by 6:30 am on day 1 of workshop or previous day

Book any flight after 7:00 pm on last day of workshop

Last Mile

We will coordinate
with you for
airport/rly stn


2 camera bodies
70-200 lens
100-400 range
any wide angle lens
Long tele of 500mm or 600mm


2 nights/3 days
@Jungle Lodges and Resorts


Check-in: 12 pm (day 1 of workshop)

Check-out: 11 am (last day of workshop)


Total safaris - 4

AM: 6:30 to 9:15
PM: 3:30 to 6:15


Max temp: 30°C
Min temp: 16°C

Key Subjects

Black Panther
Sloth bear
Spotted deer

Things to Carry

Bird book
Warm wear
Essential medicines

Fri 19 Jan, 2018

Arrive at Jungle Lodges & Resorts, Kabini by noon.

  • Rest awhile before lunch is served at 1:30 pm.
  • Meet the tour leader at 2:30 pm for a brief round of introduction and the plan for the next 3 days.
  • Depart for safari at 3:30 pm and return by around 7:00 pm.
  • Coffee/tea/snacks will be served after the safari.
  • Meet at around 7:45 pm for continued photography lessons.
  • Dinner @9:30 pm and lights out.
  • Sat 20 Jan, 2018

    Wake-up call with coffee/ tea followed by safari at 6:00 am.

  • Return at 9:30 am to a hot and hearty breakfast.
  • Meet up at 11:30 am to review the images shot in the morning safari followed by hands on learning session till 1:30 pm.
  • In this session all your practical field challenges will be addressed.
  • Lunch at 1:30 or 2 pm. Take a power nap after lunch and assemble for the safari at 3:15 pm.
  • Depart for safari and come back by around 7 pm.
  • Coffee/ tea/ snacks will be served after the safari.
  • We meet at around 7:45 pm and continue the interactive sessions on photography.
  • 9:30 pm dinner and lights out.
  • Sun 21 Jan, 2018

    Wake-up call with coffee/ tea followed by safari at 6:00 am.

  • Return at 9:30 am in time for breakfast
  • 11 am - group photograph and check-out.
  • Before the Workshop

    We will ask you for:
    – some basic information about your equipment
    – your photos/portfolio
    – your expectations from the workshop

    Based on this, Sudhir will chart out best practices for your set of equipment. He will review the images and judge the areas that need working on.

    Communicating your expectations beforehand will ensure that Sudhir addresses them during individual interactions with you.

    During the Workshop

    – Sudhir will demonstrate the best way to approach and shoot the subjects and give deeper insights on their behavioural aspects.
    – He will introduce the advanced custom function settings of your camera. A firm understanding of these settings will be your first step toward shooting like a pro.
    – In the park, he will continually guide you based on the field conditions and subjects.
    – Knowledge sharing and image review will continue through the evenings as Sudhir interacts with you with focused inputs to reinforce the day’s learning.
    – You will have assignments to complete, giving you ample scope to assimilate and apply all that you have learnt.

    *For a detailed list of the topics covered, please scroll down.

    After the Workshop

    Your pursuit of photography knowledge doesn’t end with the workshop. The SSP Community is your gateway to continued learning and interaction, apart from being the ideal platform to showcase your best images. In addition to image review and critique by Sudhir and his team, you also gain the perfect peer group interaction to grow as a photographer. Theme-based assignments, healthy discussions, candid feedback, equipment reviews and resale are the other great perks of being part of this community.

    *The below topics will be covered and the participants will learn how to apply these concepts in wildlife photography.

    – Manual and autofocus (focusing points, autofocus lock, single or continuous focus)
    – Manual exposure (ISO, shutter speeds, f/ stops and the light meter)
    – Metering modes (evaluative, matrix, spot metering)
    – Depth of field (shallow, deep, hyper focal distance)
    – Motion (freezing, blurring and panning)
    – Picture styles / picture control (colour, black and white, sepia etc…)
    – Aperture priority, shutter speed priority, Manual exposure and other program modes
    – In-depth coverage of Spot Metering, Evaluative / Matrix Metering, Partial Metering and Centre-Weighted Average
    – Understanding exposure – the 18% concept
    – White balance (pre-set and custom)
    – Different kind of outdoor lighting and how to study / make use of it.
    – Composition (framing)
    – Elements of design (seeing v/s looking)
    – Lenses and perspective (the right choice of focal length)
    – Pre-visualization
    – Completing the story

    INR 29,750/- (plus 5% GST)
    * Price is per person, on double occupancy basis for Indian Nationals.
    * Please contact us for foreign national costing.


    – All costs are ex-Jungle Lodges & Resorts
    – Stay with all meals for 2 nights/3 days at Jungle Lodges & Resorts
    – All safaris


    – Any other services, meals or beverages not mentioned in the above “Inclusions” section.
    – Driver/guide/resort-staff tip amount of around INR 500-700 per participant.

    Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Kabini

    Named after the River Kabini, the River Kabini Lodge beckons with the promise of elephants, gaur, deer and a rumour of tiger. Located on the southern fringes of the Nagarahole National Park (Rajiv Gandhi National Park) , this former hunting lodge of the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore was rated as One of the Top 5 Wildlife Resorts in the World by the British Tatler’s Travel Guide. A sprawling colonial estate in the heart of elephant country, the River Kabini Lodge echoes with the call of the wild.


    Refund policy:

    75% fee to be refunded if cancellation is done 45 days prior to the event.
    No refund if cancellation is done between 0-45 days of the event.


    Please note: The date of written (email) communication of intent to cancel is the date considered for calculation of the cancellation fees.

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