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Hey, Photographers!

We have created an amazing All-In-One Pack for you. It does not matter what genre of photography you are into, be it street photography, wedding photography, landscape photography, nature and wildlife photography, product photography or any kind of photography. Our courses will help you get a very strong foundation for growing your photography in any field ay a very affordable price.

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Years of Professional Experience
Learners from all over the world
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What do you Learn:

1) Basic and Advanced Fundamentals of Photography:

Learn the basic fundamentals of photography and advanced functions of your digital camera.

Pillar 1:

Subject Knowledge

Gain subject knowledge photography skills and techniques to take your photography to the next level.

Pillar 2:

Fundamental Concepts of Photography including White Balance, Exposure Triangle, Metering, and Focusing along with the art of composition.

The combination of key camera settings and composition will help elevating your photography skill.

Pillar 3:

The Shooting Tools & Techniques

Useful photography tool and techniques will guide you in capturing eye catching photos.

2) Camera and Lens buying guide:

Get to know what camera / lens is perfect for your shoot.

3) Get blurred out of focus background:

Learn to create a blurred out-of-focus background.

4) Ultimate Photography - Back Button Focus:

In depth- knowledge of sharp focus photography.

5) Bird photography practical field guide:

Understand what it takes to master bird photography.

6) Ultimate field guide to wildlife photography:

Get started with your wildlife photography and know everything about it.

7) Post-processing using Adobe Camera Raw Photoshop:

Learn the art of post processing to bring out that wow factor in your images.

8) Camera Brand Specific Course:

Get hands on specific functions of many camera brands.

All-In-One Pack. What do you get?

Get access to all the existing and upcoming courses as long as you want to learn.

Make this great opportunity count and learn from ace photographer Sudhir Shivaram.

All-In-One Pack. What do you get?

Get access to all the existing and upcoming courses as long as you want to learn.

Make this great opportunity count and learn from ace photographer Sudhir Shivaram.

Why choose Our Course?

Easy to understand

- Explanation in simple language for easy understanding

Practical field tips

- Understand concepts practically by experimenting in the field under Sudhir’s guidance

Value for Money

- Life time access from any device anytime and anywhere

Relevant for all genres of photography

- Concepts taught are applicable for all types of photography like nature, street, people etc

Learn using your existing equipment

- Suitable for learning using any equipment that you currently have

Suitable for amateurs and experts

- Appropriate for any skill level

Join our community of students whose work were featured in:

Our Student’s Work:

Credit: Pinaki Ghosh
Credit: Piyush Thacker
Credit: Sneha Ruparelia
Credit: Jayanta Guha
Credit: Sriram Radhakrishnan
Credit: Sumon Das
Credit: Yogesh Bhatia
Credit: Sumon Das

Our Student’s Work:

Credit: Piyush Thacker
Credit: Sumon Das
Credit: Sneha Ruparelia
Credit: Pinaki Ghosh
Credit: Sriram Radhakrishnan

Words from our Learners:


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