R Jayaraj

I am a self taught photographer who started his photography journey in the early 80’s with a point and shoot film camera and was unwillingly forced to move into digital photography recently (miss my film photography!!).

I strongly believe in getting the picture right at the location and would spend hours waiting for the perfect movements. For me, this planning and waiting is a part of the joy of clicking subjects.

I don’t restrict myself to any particular area within photography and try and shoot what I feel and like on that particular day.

I have won few competitions and published a few of my pictures in reputed international magazines and local papers in the United Kingdom where I currently live (E.g. EOS Canon magazine).

I am doctor by profession and with my limited time for nurturing hobbies, I make the most of it. I like to freeze my memorable moments and enjoy them later.

I love to teach photography and hence contribute to a few photography forums online and on the social media to share my knowledge.

Compared to the past, now there are plenty of resources available to learn and develop your photography skills. Thanks to the internet for making it easy for the beginners and professional photographers!

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