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Sudhir Shivaram

Hello Rajesh,

First of all I am really glad that you are going through the course in such in-depth manner. Really good. Have the camera handy and go through every option to understand what each of the settings do. It’s a very powerful camera.

Yes, I went through the above timelines in the course and realised that I made that statement of using the tracking as a generic statement of how I use the camera and not exactly connected to those settings I was showing.

Now the important thing is please do not compare A9 II with the A7R4 as they are different models meant for different purpose. You cannot expect the same level of performance. And you should never use a UV filter in digital photography. It does not have any use.

Please keep practicing while watching the courses and most importantly do combine that with the basics and fundamentals;s of photography course which talks about the core concepts of photography.

Good luck!