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Dr Rajesh karoth

hai sudhir sir,
thanks for the prompt replay
your recomentation for a7r4 in the lesson” 8″ wild life tutorial, 3rd minute and 14th second, is “Tracking: expand flexible spot,
in the 4th minute 33rd second of that tutorial you changed the “subject ditection” from humen to animal,
at 5minute an 9th sec you confermed using autofocus tracking all the time,
at 5m 53 s confermed that it is in animal mode,
sorry to pinpoint things in this way as it is only to understand photography and the camara7r4 hope you will take it in positive sence
in short what i want to know is if it is possible to enable tracking: expand flexible spot in a7r4 like in A92.
is a7r4 providing tracking : expand flexible spot in animal mode?
AS it is available in my a92 and enjoying it happily, after buying a74 disappointed by not getting that feature in it, even i have to remove the uv filter from my 200-600 becouse of out of focus issue. any way thanks once again for attending my quarry. deffnitly i will go through and make use of your sony tutorils and proudly tell to the public that i am a student of “ssp”
dr rajesh karoth