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Sudhir Shivaram

Dear Srikanth , I would like to keep the photography discussions in this forum or in Facebook group and not 1-1 in e-mails. Thanks for understanding.

Your mail content:

I had a back button setup on my camera with custom key configuration for two focus modes one as in zone and other for tracking the subject however, i am not getting the inflight pictures. If I shoot in aperture priority mode I do get decent pictures like attached but, not the inflight birds which are in poor state and i thought i have to use high shutter to capture or froze these moments so, i had changed to manual focus mode.

So, when I am shooting it allows me to shoot and I thought I was capturing this but the lcd screen on the back of the camera turned black maybe because it is not able to focus anything on the subject with those settings. So, i thought there is something wrong and i fixed it as mentioned before but, looks like that’s just an override to display the subject but, it’s not the actual picture.

However, please look at the below handheld pictures some of them shot on aperture, manual and shutter and other modes with different metering and lighting techniques, please review and give me feedback and eagerly waiting on the review, if you look closely with pictures from the back wings and other things are focusing but, face is unable to focus in flight so, i came into a conclusion from online that anything above 2000 to 4000 shutter speed is good to capture inflight bird. Let me know if this is accurate or if I misunderstood it.

I am holding onto my pictures to post in FB because I don’t have a logo yet and I am searching for people who can do that and I have not edited these pictures using photoshop, I have to go ahead and buy Adobe Photoshop but, please let me know on anything that I can improve from here on. Much appreciated.

My Response:

Learning photography is a step by step process. You are yet to learn steps 1,2,3 and you are directly trying to jump to step 10. That will not work. Please follow the below steps:
1. Go through the exposure triangle course
2. Understand about metering
3. Understand about focusing.
4. Go through the composition steps
5. Once you are comfortable with the above and have a good hold on it, then go through the post processing sessions.

Your assumptions to get sharp birds in flight is wrong. Please go through the course and practice it hands on to get a good understanding. I will not be able to review your images sent by e-mail as your fundamentals are wrong and do not want to review pics shot with that knowledge. I will. be wasting both our times trying to explain you things which you have still not learnt from the course.

You dont need a logo to post on Facebook and interact with me. You are in learning stage and dont worry about that.

Also I would not advice a 2X converter for the 200-600. Please do not use it.

A sincere request to take one step at a time….if you jump the steps then you may fall.