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srikanth papa

Sudhir Sir,

I have sent my request in the forum and facebook but, i don’t see any response even for my past requests.

However, Am asking for your help today again.. please try to help me.

Camera: Sony A9 II
Lens: 200-600 mm
2X Teleconverter

Am waiting for Sony courses and settings. I have finished other basic courses and I can’t wait anymore on this. At Least help me on the below things.
Sony basic settings to capture inflight birds.
I faced a few issues and need your help.
Manual focus mode ( AF – C )
Shutter speed: 4000
ISO 800
0 ev

Image turned out to be black and it’s not good.. I thought I was capturing it in RAW mode and I kept shooting and it looked like focus didn’t turn out well. I am aware y’ll be busy but, this is getting very tough to reach for any suggestions or quick help and none of the classes are interactive and it’s very hard to learn… there will be plenty of videos online but, i need some guidance to do things properly. Let me know how you can help me here and it’s been a month now and i have been waiting every day patiently.

Meanwhile, I performed the below activity before those shots. My focus didn’t work in manual mode and Sony Viewfinder went Black after a lot of research. I did the following but I think something is wrong.

-> I went to camera settings tab2 and changed live view display to setting effect off

And again one more time I really need some interactive sessions to learn things properly and it’s hard to learn everything from videos and if it’s not possible i would like to drop off or guide me with a different approach and it will be always better to have classes or interactive sessions to become a better photographer. I am very much eagerly waiting for your response.