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Debashis Paul

Dear Nagarkar, I am new over here. Be it Capture Nxd or lightroom or photoshop, These softwares come from prestigious stalwalrts and you can have good faith on them by closing your eyes. In the post-processing process the initial stages of the process hold good in nxd but not all, say, burning and dodging – which is available in photoshop. Lightroom holds good particularly the library module. There is a good difference say by leaps and bounds between lightroom and photoshop. lightroom is developed by the photographers for the photographers but photoshop is not for photographers only. graphic designers, architects, fashin designers do access photoshop. To develop a photo you can use all the features in lightroom but using all the features in phtoshop to develop a phto will ony mar a photo. To what extent am I correct or wrong, Sudhir sir?