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Jagdeep Singh SEGUE

Hi Rana, I am a new member to SSP. My understanding of monitor colour profile is that almost all the monitors, PC, TV, Laptops, mobile phones, see image in sRGB colour profile. Could you please confirm if the original image that you are processing in the Lightroom is a RAW file.

Please be aware that monitors have different resolutions and the images are well lit. If you print the hard copy then you may see different in quality. Printed image may look darker etc…

However, if the RAW image in processed in the Lightroom and exported into JPEG sRGB then the image size may be small but one should get acceptable quality.

You may also wish to experiment with the followings in the Lightroom Export page:
JPEG quality, Image size and resolution (while default is 240 pixel per inch you may try experimenting with higher values )

I welcome your feed back