Bhupinder Randhawa

I am inclined towards photography since my school days and that time I use to have small point and shoot film camera, but my actually passion took a boost in 2009 after I bought my first DSLR (Canon EOS 550D with kit lens). I mostly love to do Nature, Wildlife & Landscape photography, and I am doing this since I bought my first DSLR. This passion has lead me to travel to different Wildlife Reserves of India and also abroad like Kenya, Costa Rica, Ecuador & America.

As all great photographers tells that a photograph can speak 1000 words, I just try to follow that principle and keep my pictures as simple as possible. At times apart from following all the composition guidelines / rules, I tend to break them in creating some thing different.

Since beginning of my DSLR days, I am Canon shooter. For wildlife most of the time I shoot with Canon 7D Mark II with 500mm prime lens. For low light conditions and for mammals I use full frame Canon 5D Mark IV. 

My profession I am into Software Field (IT), and Photography is like a meditation, a stress buster to me, a way where I can connect myself to the nature. It is also a way of my communicating to world of what I see, like a writer way of communication to the world is via book, my way is via my pictures the pictures.

I do manage 2 photography groups in pune, Pune Photography Club and Pune Photography Lovers Group and through this groups we do keep regular photowalks and networking sessions to share the photography knowledge. Through Pune Photography Lovers (PPL) group we also keep annual photography exhibition called as “Kalakriti” in Pune. 

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