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SSP Affiliate Program
Spread the love of learning

Why does SSP want to have affiliates on board?
Since inception, SSP’s motto has been ‘for the love of learning’. Sudhir’s passion towards teaching photography led him to create a highly enriching and comprehensive set of online photography courses. This is a unique product in the market since currently, in India, no other proficient photographer provides such a wide range of in-depth learning material. In SSP’s mission towards taking forward this initiative of learning, we have launched the SSP affiliate program. It provides an opportunity for photography enthusiasts to become a part of the revered SSP banner and spread the knowledge of good photography along with earning from the sales that take place with their help.

What does the Affiliate partner need to do?
Once you become an SSP affiliate, you need to promote the SSP Online Photography Courses in your network (via social media and other marketing platforms) as an authentic source for learning photography. You will be provided with a unique website link which you need to share along with your promotional message. The number of people who visit our website and subscribe to our online photography courses using that unique code will be tracked and we shall share a part of the revenue earned thus.

What are the benefits of becoming an SSP Affiliate partner?
The main benefits of this SSP’s affiliate program are listed below:

  1. Earnings with every referral Once selected as an affiliate, you will be provided a unique link which you need to use while promoting our Online Photography Courses. Every completed sale that happens using that link, will earn you a share of the revenue that is being generated from the sale. The slab-wise revenue sharing with the affiliate partner is discussed below.For a monthly sale of products worth:
    Rs. 0 to Rs. 50,000, we shall share 15% of the revenue generated with the affiliate partner.
    Rs. 50,001 and above we shall share 20% of the revenue generated with the affiliate partner
    (The values mentioned above are not inclusive of GST)
    You will be provided access to track your performance on a real time basis.
  2. Access to the Online Photography Courses – The affiliate partner will get access to SSP’s advanced plan of online photography courses worth Rs. 7999/- (excluding GST). This access will be restricted depending upon the performance of the affiliate over a period of time.
  3. Showcasing the partner’s work on the SSP website – The affiliate partners will be provided a special space on SSP’s website to portray their work which will add to their brand value of being recognised by the SSP banner.
  4. SSP Badge – The affiliate partner will be given access to the SSP badge. They can use this badge on their various social media platforms and marketing channels to show that they are officially associated with the SSP brand.
  5. Access to the privileged and closed SSP community on Facebook – The affiliate partner will get access to the SSP community on Facebook. It is a restricted community which allows a select few to share their best works in photography and get it reviewed by Sudhir and peers.

Additional benefits derived by an affiliate:

  1. Discounts on SSP’s photography learning tours– An affiliate partner will be eligible for a discount of up to 25% on any of the SSP conducted photo learning tours within India.
  2. SSP sponsored vacation – If the affiliate partner crosses a pre-decided amount of monthly revenue generation, SSP shall sponsor a 2 night 3 day vacation for 2 people at some of the most picturesque locations within India. (Terms and Conditions apply)

How do I become an affiliate?
Currently, the option to become an affiliate is by invite only. We plan to launch it for everyone soon.

SSP Affiliate Partners



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